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In America…

It’s Saturday morning, August 25th, and as of today I’ve been in America for 25 days.  I know I had promised to update you lots and get caught up, but I didn’t do any of that.  (I’ll explain why shortly.)  If we’re being honest (and why not on the blog), I was ready to go back to Japan about two weeks ago.  Actually the only reason I’m alive and kicking is that I get to see my niece whenever I want.  She’s 3 now (almost 4) and she’s an amazing person.  She’s so smart and funny and silly and weird.  I love her more than anyone.  She’s literally my favorite person in the world.  (Small Lady remains my favorite animal.)


On the 3rd I barely had time to get over jet lag and live at the pool when freelance work called my name, so I hit the ground running (and haven’t stopped since).  I had a couple jobs the following week but I was still able to spend a lot of time at the pool.

On the 11th Mamoru arrived and on the 12th Naru arrived.  We pigged out at restaurants and shopped.  Naru fell in love with a bag shop and purchased some 6 bags and purses before she left.

The 15th and 16th we met up with Shingo who had bused to our fair state, and we toured the nature made wonders of my home state.  It was beautiful and perfect but also busy and tons of driving for me who only drives once a year.

On the 17th I woke the troops up at 3AM and we checked out of the AirBnB.  Then I drove two hours to the airport so Mamoru could make his 8AM flight in time.  Everyone tired and spent chilled at Starbucks until we said goodbye to Mamoru.  I went to work that day despite only a few hours of sleep.

That weekend the 18th and 19th, I taxied Shingo and Naru around, and we did various kinds of shopping and eating.  (There isn’t much to do in the city here.)  Spontaneously on the 18th Naru and I decided to get BFF tattoos.  (Yeah I know spontaneous tattoos aren’t always the best idea).  After careful consideration, we decided on Sailor Moon being one of the main reasons we ever became friends (though I think sewing is the reason we first became friends), so we opted for a Luna P.


Our Luna P balls have a slight variation.  Both of them are manga colored and Naru’s looks like the one above but mine is the Black Moon version.


In the end we both love them (however spontaneous the started out) and they are special to us.

At night on the 19th I took Shingo to the bus station.

On the 20th I took Naru to the airport after she managed to fit all her new purses and bags in her suitcase.

And like that everyone was gone and I was relieved at first but then I started to feel like I should be gone too.  I got tired of being here real quick.  I was out of money, out of energy, and missing my home real bad.

On Wednesday I got another spontaneous tattoo (oops addictive personality) but this time some really pretty pink dahlias (my favorite flower).  I told Mamoru about Luna P, but I’m still working up the courage to tell him about these flowers as he isn’t a fan of tattoos.  I’ll get there.

This week I had two really terrible freelance jobs and by Friday night mentally exhausted I collapsed into bed without the aid of Advil PM.

American food is making me sick, I’m stressed out doing freelance, and I’ve been ready to go home for weeks.  Basically the only thing keeping me happy is my niece and being able to purchase Victoria’s Secret bras whenever I please.  (We don’t have Vickie’s in Japan.)

I’m so tired, burnt out and depressed.  I just want to go home.  Twelve more days and I’m out of here.

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