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Finally finished…

Being a housewife is boring AF.  At least if we had kids, there’d be something for me to do almost always.  Currently, I’ve done the dishes, laundry, and tidying up and it’s not even lunch time.  If you’re wondering why I’m currently a housewife, it’s because Company H is on holiday until October which is fucking great, but if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  Fortunately, I’m still hoarding money from freelance work in the US, and I started my freelance (in Japan) again this week.

So last weekend we finally finished our last visit with the our local institution (more on that in a minute).  While this was a huge turning point for us, we still have a least 3 more months to wait before we can welcome any children into our home.  This process is never fast, is it?  Our next steps are to fill out about 20 different documents, and then we’ll receive a home visit.  Once all that is approved, we can finally be matched with a child.  Wait, wait, wait.  That’s all adoption mostly is.  It isn’t fun.  Especially since I’m in a hurry to have our babies.

On Sunday was our visit to the baby’s floor.  These children range from a couple months (yes the oldest was a couple months old) to one year old.  I was placed with the youngest and Mamoru was placed in the class with all one year olds.  They told both of us that these children are at an age when they are aware of their surroundings for the first time and are wary of new people, so we had to wait until they approached us.  For a while, it was mostly us sitting around.  When the youngest baby woke up, I fed her and burped her and then rocked her until she went back to sleep.  Then there was another little boy who became quite attached to me and would fuss if I put him down, so I just carried him around until it was his lunch time.  After that Mamoru fed an older baby, and then I rocked her while he went back to the one year olds.  After that our (short) day was done.  The head of the institution interviewed us and we completed our last report.  Then we were done.  She complimented me over an over again saying I was an expert at caring for children and at Japanese (that last part I’m not so sure but I have been taking care of children since I was a teenager so no surprise on the child expert).  I told her we had a plan for 3 children and she said “How about 4?”  She really wanted us to adopt through them, and I hope and pray that we are able to adopt from her institution as she was so awesome with us.  However, there are many institutions in our city, and we know not all the children can be adopted.  So we’re at the mercy of the birth parents (not our preferred place to be but we have no choice).  As a final note, I asked if we could know which children at the institution where we did our visits could be adopted, and she said due to confidentially reasons, she cannot tell us but they publish one child a week in the newspaper, and we should keep an eye on that, and hopefully we will recognize a face or just fall in love with one.  What’s more she said is that it’s only published in our city, so we have an advantage there.

So now we wait.   That’s where we’ve been for a while.  I hope you’re all well.


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