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Friday, Saturday, & Sunday…

This weekend has been one for the books and it’s only Sunday evening which means there’s still more weekend to be had (as it’s a 3 day weekend).  I wonder how the rest of it will play out.

On Friday, karaoke was lit.  This was a pleasant surprise because last Friday was a bit bullshit.  Boring as hell.  The thing with karaoke is aside from a few regulars the crowd is mostly dynamic in both of the standard definitions of the word.  How much fun we have depends on how cool the crowd is.  Last Friday it was dumb, but this Friday was awesome.  It was full of fun and super energetic people.  I had decided to drink a lot, so I’m sure that helped me fun as well.  As per usual, the group went to the club, but I rode home.  I collapsed into bed alone (as Mamoru has been sleeping on the sofa per his choice since I returned to Japan).  While trying to fall asleep, I was fucking around on Facebook when I noticed Motoki like something I posted right at that minute.  I decided to message him and lo and behold, he messaged me back.  While I message Motoki once and a while, he doesn’t often message me back.  Sometimes he does, but for a long time we’ve not had any lengthy conversations.  I don’t know why but he was up late on Friday and he felt like talking.  We had a chat, we did some reminiscing, and we made plans to talk on the phone this Thursday.  I couldn’t believe that just happened especially after a year of radio silence.  I don’t know, but I think Motoki’s depression works like that where he balls up into himself and doesn’t want to talk to anyone.  Based on my interactions with Motoki and his past behaviors I think that’s how he operates.  Of course, behaviors like this hurt our friends but those with experience with mental health issues need to learn to be steadfast.  We mustn’t give up on our friends.  Not ever.

On Saturday, I had plans to hang out with Rei.  Basically ever since I got back to Japan, Rei has been blowing me off time and again for work shit (which she’s totally quitting anyway) and I had had it which erupted into a full blown fight in the middle of the sidewalk.  That evolved into us hugging and crying for like 20 minutes while making up.  I explained that this shit is fucking hard for me.  I’ve had best friends move away from me more than once.  It gets harder before it gets fucking easier.  Saying “see you later” to Naru was so fucking hard man.  Anyway Rei and I resolved that shit, ate some curry, drank some wine while eating cheese, and went to a live show.  It ended up being a nice night.

On Sunday Mamoru and I went to brunch, went to a park to trade Pokémon with one of his friends, and then went for a bike ride.  On the way back home, Mamoru crashed his bike into mine.  Not enough to make me fall over but enough to scare the shit out of me.  To be honest, Mamoru is a really shitty bike rider.  He never learned to ride when he was a child, and this is the first bike he’s ever owned.  Apart from that being super fucking shocking (since he didn’t grow up poor), it’s also an example of how much he was coddled by his mother as she chauffeured him everywhere.  After being angry about almost being pushed into oncoming traffic, I made him ride on the traffic side, and swore once again that our children would learn to ride bikes from an early age.

Anyway, that’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I hope your weekend is nice.  Be well.

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