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On friends and typhoons…

Spider mites are back again and they’ve almost destroyed my tomato plants.  In other garden news I thought I was growing a かぶ (turnip) but it turned out to be a weed.  How stupid do I feel?  Pretty stupid.

I’ve been watching the show “Maniac” on Netflix.  It’s intriguing, but I think it’s affecting me more than it should.  I suddenly feel very small and insignificant but that could be due to the dissolution of friendships that I’ve been going on and on and on and on about.  I’ve been at home the past two days, and I’ve been feeling off like anything could send me to tears.  I’m teetering on stability.  This silent empty house reminds me of what it was like when we first moved here two years ago.  Perhaps this house is doomed to forever be empty (you can read between the lines there).

In other news Demande called me.  Yes, he called me on the phone (crazy right?) to arrange a freelance meeting for tomorrow which is my busiest fucking day.  I immediately accepted (because ¥) and then after thinking about it decided to cancel my Japanese lesson (because that also means I get to keep ¥ as well as have more time to get ready in the morning and not have to come back to the house after I leave).  Considering I haven’t seen this guy in like a year this ought to be interesting.

In other news Mamoru said his conference in his old city was canceled due to the typhoon, so he’s no longer going to our old city.  However, he said I could still go and after talking with Rei (since she has a birthday dinner planned for me on the 1st), I decided to go.  Mamoru thinks that the typhoon is gonna put a stop to the 新幹線 (bullet train), but I’m optimistic and think it will be running smoothly.  Also, the heavy rain from the typhoon is supposed to hit on Saturday according to NOAA.  I guess we’ll see what happens.  Life is always an adventure isn’t it?

I guess that’s it.  Be well.  (Because I’m trying to be.)

5 thoughts on “On friends and typhoons…

  1. Don’t worry about your turnip. I would have done something sillier, I’m sure. I really like the idea of gardening, but I can’t say I’ve had a lot of success with it. Have a safe trip to your old city, and a fun time!


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