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It’s finally October…

I forgot that working for Demande requires a lot of flexibility on my part.  I was supposed to meet with him at 2PM.  He changed that to 5PM.  He said he had a fight with his girlfriend and is not feeling 100% right now.  Uh oh trouble in Red Flag Land?  He wouldn’t say any more than that, but I suppose we’ll see at 5PM (if he decides to elaborate more at that time).  He did the same thing on Friday too (minus the fight with his girlfriend).  We were supposed to meet at 1PM and he changed it to 2:15PM.  I wasn’t super mad at that because I had no idea what to wear that day for karaoke.  Speaking of Friday’s karaoke I met an awesome girl from Puerto Rico who lives here!  On the fly I invited her to my birthday dinner that Rei planned for me tonight.  Ryo is coming, but Rei also invited our mutual friend (with no pseudonym obviously), and she didn’t even bother to message Rei back.  Rei compared her to Kotono and shit she’s right.  She’s behaving a lot like Kotono (aka super shitty).  So the Puerto Rican girl is happy to take her place and is coming tonight.  How lovely!

So that’s it.  It’s finally October and we can now forget about all the shit that was January through September.  (Basically let’s forget about the last nine months okay?).  I don’t want to think about pregnancies, miscarriages or babies.  Please and thank you.  But speaking of babies the PTB decided to kick me in the teeth once again when on Saturday Makoto told me that Nemesis had had a baby.  So this awful, awful woman who tortured me by constantly turning off the AC in the dead of summer gets to have a baby but I don’t.  The universe is neither fair nor kind is it?  I told Makoto that I didn’t even think she was well enough to have a baby what with the AC off, a blanket wrapped around her, and the window open throughout August.  Yeah, not a well woman.  But hey the PTB decided to to give her a baby which Makoto said she’s already over and itching to go back to work.  What?  Nemesis had told me that she wanted to be a mom and do that job forever.  This woman makes no sense whatsoever.  I’m glad she wasn’t invited.

October means my birthday (which I have grown to hate due to being abandoned time and time again by friends when we had made plans on that day).  It happened again this year and I won’t go into details, but I was very sad and sour for a while.  I was able to reschedule something with Rei.  October also contains Halloween which is my favorite holiday ever.  I have been dragging my ass on my Halloween costume, and I need to get going there.

I guess that’s it.  I got to head out soon.  Be well.

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