The festivities…

Last night marked the last of my birthday celebrations with friends.  My birthday celebrations this year were varied and lovely and full of some really awesome friends both new and old.

October 1st:
Rei booked a private room at an upscale 居酒屋 and we pigged out on delicious food and sangria.  Ryo was there as was my new friend (no pseudonym yet but forthcoming).  After we went to the karaoke bar and drank with our favorite bartenders (one of whom made his first blow job shots for us).

October 4th:
On my actual birthday Rei and I went to a theme park and had the best time.  It was so much fun.  We ate so much food and drank alcohol too.  Motoki even called me and wished me a happy birthday.  When I got home, Mamoru had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me.  It was such a happy day.

October 5th:
Rei and I ate Mexican food.  Ryo was supposed to go but backed out at the last minute.  However, he and a number of my new friends all showed up at karaoke.  He presented me with a hand drawn card with the cutest drawing of me.  They all signed it (even the bartenders). Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me.  I felt super loved.  After we went and danced for a short time at a club.  I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that Demande said he’d come all the way until the very last minute (8PM) when he messaged me and said he couldn’t come.  I need to remind myself that this is what Demande does (see here).  In fact I’m super surprised we’ve manged to have two freelance meetings so far without him canceling them.  I was super disappointed (which I told him minus the “super” part).  However, alcohol and my amazing friends made me forget about Demande that night.

Today we had to head out to Mamoru’s hometown for his mother’s funeral.  His mother actually died a while ago (maybe 7 or 8 years ago).  This was just the transferring of her remains to the family crypt.  It wasn’t sad.  It was super ceremonial.  This was my first Japanese funeral, so I learned a lot.  After we ate at a delicious buffet, and then headed home.

I tried to nap but Rei’s shitheel boyfriend decided to break up with her right before she moves to Korea.  (To refresh he’s Korean and they had a plan to live together until she got on her feet.)  Now she has to go there alone with nothing.  She’s been texting me all day, and I’ve been trying to console her.  I reminded her I moved to Japan all on my own (as I didn’t even know Mamoru then).  I didn’t need a man to help me and neither does she.

I guess that’s it.  I have wonderful friends right now, and that makes me beyond happy.  I’ve come a long way from knowing no one here.  I hope you are well.

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