Rei leaves and Demande comes to dinner…

I was able to get Demande to come see me last night.  (It helped that I was in his neighborhood.)  Rei was late coming to see me, but after she arrived we had a buffet dinner with lots of yummy food at one of our favorite places and then drinks at one of our favorite 居酒屋 and I told her what I had to tell Demande.  She agreed that I should tell him my story but couldn’t wait around to meet him as she had a train to catch.  I said “see you later” to Rei and we hugged a lot, but I didn’t cry.  I think for two reasons.  One is this is not the first time that this has happened to me, and two is that it didn’t feel like she was really leaving.  It just felt like she was going home, and I’d see her on Friday.  I don’t know when it will hit me that she’s not really here anymore.  I know that will be a sad day.  I’m glad our last day was full of fun and laughs and things we love doing together at two of our favorite places here.  I can’t even express how much I will miss her.

After that I waited 30 minutes for Demande to arrive as he arrived late in true Demande fashion.  He said he couldn’t stay late because his girlfriend wanted to have a serious talk.  Perfect, I thought.  Then he can work what I’ll tell him into the conversation with her later.

So I tell him.  I tell him one of my stories.  And because talking about MC for me always seems to be like ripping off a bandage I get emotional.  I emphatically tell him this is why.  This is why he needs to get her to a doctor.  He says that Europeans (where she is from) are carefree and easygoing.  But I tell him that this is not something you can be carefree and easygoing about.  I tell him what I know about women’s health care in Japan and it’s one of the safest in the world (so she should have no distrust for Japanese doctors).  He is surprised and impressed with my knowledge, and I see the impact of what I tell him written on his face.  This woman chose the wrong Japanese man to lie to (if she is lying…as we all believe).  She didn’t know that I protect my friends like my treasures.  No one should dare to hurt or take advantage of my friends.

So now it’s morning, and I’ve got to see if I can get to Company H by bicycle or if the rain is gonna put me on the train.  I’m itching to talk to Demande and find out how their discussion went last night.  I hope he was able to convince her to go to the doctor.

I have to get out of bed and ready for work.  Be well.

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