I cannot…

Oh Demande, my poor duped Demande.  So Demande and his girlfriend had a serious conversation, and now he’s feeling great about their relationship.  That’s wonderful, I said through gritted teeth.  He said they’ve been spending time at a nearby park with the dog and it feels just like a family, and he can’t wait to take their babies to the park too (which makes me super sad to hear if she is in fact lying to him).  She agreed to go to the doctor in Japan to have an ultrasound which he told me this weekend, but when I met him yesterday for our freelance meeting he told me there is no time (so within a few days she managed to convince him yet again that she didn’t need to go to the doctor in Japan).  As Kunzite said on Saturday “She’s good.”  She told Demande not to worry, she’d be getting another ultrasound as soon as she got back to her home country.  But I argued to him that he won’t get to see the babies, and there’s something special about a live ultrasound (trust me I know).  What’s more I told him that he seems to be going along with everything she says.  He has every right to see his babies, and he should see them before she goes back to her country for a long time and without him.  He said to me many times yesterday that I was right.  Of course I’m fucking right.  I’m pretty damn smart.  He also told me that she said to him that if they broke up she would raise the babies on her own with the help of her sister.  He was so moved by this because he felt like she thinks the babies are the most important thing.  She’s not interested in his money or a visa.  Of course, I think, what an incredibly easy thing for her to say because THERE ARE NO FUCKING BABIES.  You want to know why I’m absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt convinced that she’s not actually pregnant?  He showed me the ultrasound.  I didn’t ask to see it because looking at ultrasounds still make me fucking sad as fuck.  He just pulled it up right there and showed it to me on his phone.  She sent him the ultrasound via phone.  She didn’t even produce an actual printout.  To make me even more convinced, I looked at the ultrasound closely.  There was no patient name on the ultrasound or any other identifying information.  Now my ultrasound(s) didn’t have my name on them.  I did crop out the name of the clinic and hospital on each of my ultrasounds to maintain my anonymity on this blog but then again Mamoru actually went with me to see our baby.  I guess I’m more convinced that she’s not actually pregnant because she didn’t even show him an actual printout of the ultrasound, and he’s never seen any babies actually living in her.  The no name on the ultrasound picture is just cementing my case for no babies.  Now it’s Tuesday, and I recommended he take her to the doctor today.  Because she’s so fucking crafty, I’m sure she’ll be able to stall out until she leaves early Friday morning.  The only good news is that I don’t think he plans on marrying her within the next four days, so I am pretty sure she leaves without a visa to stay here any longer.  Who knows what will happen to the “babies” once she leaves.  After all, according to her very fucking wise friends it’s super unsafe to fly in early pregnancy.  (Insert eye roll here.)  I just cannot with this woman.  I’ve never met her, and yet I’m super happy for her to GTFO so she can continue on with this plan however she intends to either with a “MC” or whatever else she’s cooking up.  I’m really sick of her skirting around going to the doctor in Japan.  Even more than that I don’t want to see her hurt Demande, but I’m afraid that that will be inevitable.  I really cannot give her the benefit of the doubt.  I’m feeling super mama bear about protecting my friend.

What are your thoughts here?

3 thoughts on “I cannot…

  1. The more I hear of this story the more unbelievable it sounds.

    My ultrasounds from the fertility department all had my name on. The ones from the main hospital didn’t, but they did have the name of the hospital. No identifying information of any kind sounds like she took it from the Internet – if I was going to put mine online (which I didn’t) I would have cropped out anything that could identify me. It doesn’t make sense for her to have cropped that out to send to the baby’s supposed father though – surely he already knows her name and where she’s from?


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