Bring me Friday…

Yumiko messaged me last night and said she was planning on moving back to Puerto Rico early next year.  Great.  There’s yet another lost friend.  The worst thing about all this is I’ve only known her a month and I’m already nuts about her.  I know that if we had more time we’d really be the best of friends.  She’s totally awesome, and I’m super sad about this.  Never mind it comes on the heels of Rei’s departure.

In other news is it Friday yet?  (As Rei would say.)  Friday means the decepticon is gone and Demande is free of her maniacal grip.  I figure there is only so much she can do to him from a very long way away.  Plus, he promised to come to karaoke since he couldn’t go with her since she’s “pregnant” and can’t drink.  No word from him on if he took her to the doctor or not.  I’m assuming that she’s stalling until her flight.  Ugh please just GTFO already.  I ran this scenario by my other male coworker (not Tomoe).  I just laid it out without voicing my opinion on the matter and he said “red flags aplenty.”  He said the only thing I can do is be a friend to him (which is what I’m doing) because the truth will eventually come out.

Wednesday is almost over.  I hope Thursday goes by quickly and then please bring me Friday.  Bring me Friday ever so quickly.  That’s it I guess.  Be well.

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