Yumiko & Demande…

I’m lying in bed and I’ll thinking I may pass out soon even though it’s only ten till 7PM.  My muscles are sore from a morning yoga session yesterday.  I just downed some Advil hoping to numb the pain.

Today I had lunch with Yumiko after Pokémon Go’s Community Day was canceled due their servers tanking just after it started.  I texted Yumiko and invited her to lunch.  I figured she owed me a lunch because she texted me at 3AM asking for help getting home.  I told her what to say to the taxi driver, and she got home safe.  At lunch I told her about Demande’s situation (no links just literally check any recent post for what’s going on there).  She doesn’t believe (like everyone else I’ve told this story to) that his gf is pregnant either.  She said at the end of the day Demande is an adult, and his problem isn’t mine to worry about.  It’s true but I can’t have bitches fucking with my friends.  I also told her about the projecting.  She said she had a similar experience with an ex who became super jealous after he cheated on her.  Could that be what Mamoru is doing?  I honestly don’t know.

Demande’s awful lying girlfriend has returned to her home country without a marriage or legal reason to stay in Japan.  Thanks the PTB!  I’ve honestly have never been happier in my whole life to see someone return to their home country.  So she left him with an untrained puppy, a puppy (I might add) that she convinced him to get but didn’t bother to train because he said she only spoiled the puppy and taught her nothing.  Yesterday he picked me up (because he wanted help training her) and the puppy was in the car with him.  I quickly found her to be extremely puppy (ie. licking and chewing on literally everything).  I also found her to have no guidelines for behavior.  However, in the short time I spent with her, she learned “no” and I got her to stop licking me and chewing on me just by repeatedly saying “no” and “good girl” (obviously for good behavior).  She even lied on my arm comfortably and Demande said she had never been that relaxed him or his gf.  (Yes, I am the animal whisperer.)  Demande told me he thought training a dog was so difficult.  I told him that I can tell she’s smart (because she’s still young).  She can learn, but I also told him he needs to be consistent and reminded him that raising a child (let alone two at once) would be even harder than training a puppy.  Since this was my first time ever in Demande’s house I was shocked at how extravagant it is.  It’s the top two floors of an apartment building (the entire floor…imagine a penthouse made of two floors).  He’s renting this place from a client so I don’t think the furniture is his especially because the kitchen counters match the large dining table.  There’s a legit chandelier in the main room, a garden and karaoke room upstairs not to mention more rooms than I’ve ever seen in a Japanese house.  Holy shit.  He told me how much he pays a month, and even though he says his client gave him a discount it’s still is something I could never ever afford to pay for anything (not even a house).  He feels like it’s a waste of money, and he won’t stay there too long because he’ll eventually buy a house.  I didn’t need any more confirmation that Demande was loaded but this was definitely it.  At one point I had to use the toilet and it was clogged.  I told Demande about this but he said it had been this way for a bit which aroused suspicion that his gf might have been flushing tampons to hide a period.  Now I know this is totally reaching, but it could have happened.  Who knows?  Did I mention I asked him about trying to convince her to go to the doctor before she left?  He said she HATED the idea.  The way he said “hated” was so strong I imagine it was the same way she said it.  I still firmly believe she’s not pregnant.  She’s supposed to go to the doctor in her home country tomorrow.  I suppose we’ll see what lies she has for him after that.  When I got to the house, he began frantically cleaning up.  I asked why she didn’t help clean up and he said she didn’t do anything to help around the house despite living there for free and having nothing else to do.  He said she didn’t do anything because she was just “creating life” and I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough.  He thought I agreed with the man’s side, and I said no.  It’s only that women have been creating life and doing other things only since THE BEGINNING OF TIME.  She really wormed her way in the perfect situation, didn’t she?  Yet just another reason I cannot with this woman.  Good riddance to her.

I guess that’s it.  I’m super tired.  I hope you’re doing better.  Be well.

2 thoughts on “Yumiko & Demande…

  1. Creating life… if only I’d known that worked as an excuse. The only thing I got out of was cleaning the oven (because chemicals). And once I got Jan to wash a pan for me because the smell of it was making me feel sick and I just couldn’t do it.


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