It’s Monday…

I’m lying in bed waiting for the toothpaste taste to disappear before I eat breakfast.  Actually, I’ve been feeling kind of off the past few days.  Both days I only ate one meal and then did some light snacking throughout the day.  It’s weird but I didn’t feel hungry either day.  Earlier when I finally woke up for good, I was lying in bed looking at Facebook when Demande messaged me.  He wanted to cancel our freelance meeting today because he had other work shit to do.  I was bummed about losing the money (even though this is typical old style Demande), but secretly glad because I could work on my Halloween costume (which I’ve been putting off and putting off forever).  I was planning on doing it before and/or after our meeting but I lose 3 hours of the day to meet with Demande and that tends to make a person lazy.

Anyway, that’s my plan today.  I’m going to sew up this Halloween costume, and laze around the house since I haven’t had a Monday off since Demande and I started working together again.  I am though truly happy we are friends and speaking again.

Though this meme is more accurate in reference when I first met Demande.

I hope you’re finishing up your weekend on a high note.  Be well.


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday…

  1. Glad to hear that you get to have some free time and use it to do something fun(if you do like sewing and such that is).
    I still can’t believe all that drama that you’re surrounded with.
    I can see, that business wise, your friend is a smart man, but how on earth did he manage to find such a useless woman attractive. I mean, don’t get me wrong, maybe the way she behaves and looks is fine, but she seems like a literal potato that doesn’t do anything. Not to mention her awful planning in getting a dog and all that pregnancy nonsense. They don’t know eachother for that long even I imagine, so how did your friend think that it was a good idea to go forward with anything without any clear evidence. Anything she has fished out so far just seems like how any normal psychopath would act and manipulate someone who is easy to influence.
    Now I don’t want to think that your friend is so naive, but I’m sorry to say that he needs to judge people more harshly and decide who is actually good to keep close.
    That woman just screams psychopath all over.
    Ofc she may not go around killing people, but she’s clearly taking advantage of him for her own gain.
    And that is just terrible.
    I can’t even imagine any normal person(woman*cough*) to not clean up and take care of small things while she’s spending her luxurious time at such a grand place.
    If anything I would be intimidated not to keep such an apartment clean.
    And I’m so sorry to hear how your husband is behaving recently. There is always a chance that such things could happen, especially since he’s been behaving off lately.
    I know the both of you have been struggling, but to accuse you of cheating, you, who has gone through such a terrible time with trying to get a baby with him, is simply ridiculous.
    There’s more I’d like to go over but it’ll just get too long, and since we seem to be more logical than those people, I don’t think I need to mention everything which you know yourself.
    Do stay healthy and keep your chin up.

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