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The kitten…

I’m currently in a hell of my own creation which has occurred due to my decisions.  I know this.  However, I acted on impulse, and so here were are.  Can’t change the past.

Let me back up.  See I’ve been feeding these stray cats who live under the train tracks near Company H for maybe a year now.  They’re all grown cats, and I’ve not seen kittens there since I first started working at Company H.  Today while feeding these cats, a kitten made its way to the place where I feed them.  The mother was nowhere and the other cats were bullying it, so on impulse I stuffed it in my jacket and took it home.  I didn’t ask Mamoru about this because I knew he would probably say no.  Since this was an impulse decision, I had no plan whatsoever, but I decided I would take it to the doctor and then find it a home if it’s healthy.  Upon talking to Yumiko (self-proclaimed kitten expert) she said it probably had parasites and/or fleas.  She gave me some symptoms of parasites which seem to fit the kitten.  Overwhelmed with anxiety at this point I caved and called Mamoru.  He was furious.  Mostly because I didn’t involve him in the decision to bring to kitten home and because of that he had no desire to help me.  In fact, he was flat out angry because he felt he HAD to help me.  I didn’t understand any of this.  I thought I was doing a good thing, rescuing a kitten, trying to help a kitten.  Meanwhile, all Mamoru saw was my poor decision making skills.  He said I interfered with cat society and my behavior was childlike.  I told him he didn’t have to help me.  Yumiko (no help with the cat since she doesn’t speak Japanese) set to texting everyone she knows in this area seeing if anyone could take the cat.  I had trouble reaching Demande at first but after I did he said he couldn’t get up that early (yes, really) and my husband should help me (if only it were so easy).  Finally, I got a hold of Rei (now in Korea) and she said she’d set an alarm and absolutely help me translate via phone.  Both Rei and Yumiko think I did a good thing.  Demande doesn’t understand why I would pick up a kitten I didn’t intend to keep, and Mamoru thinks I’m a fucking idiot.  So I guess the jury’s still out on whether or not I did a good thing.  Now I’m physically and mentally exhausted from all the crying I’ve been doing and all the anxiety I literally caused myself.  In hindsight I probably should have just left the kitten there, but it’s too late to correct that mistake.  So I’ll move forward and take it to the doctor and hope everything is okay.  I have to go to sleep since I’m now braindead.  If you have anything to say about this, please leave a comment.  Positive or negative it doesn’t matter as I’ve heard it all.  Be well because I can’t.

4 thoughts on “The kitten…

  1. I don’t know who would see it as a bad thing, honestly. It’s a little kitten who just wants food and love.
    Ofc maybe you’re not able to keep the kitten, but that doesn’t make any sense why anyone would be mad that you helped out a poor little creature.
    It’s more childish to think that you can’t be nice and act on impulse. You’re a grown woman, it’s not like you stole a cat from someones back yard.
    I’m sure there will be someone in the area who will be able to care for the kitten, so don’t worry about it at all. What you did was nothing but generous and filled with good will.
    I just think that your husband(sorry to say) needs to get that stick out of his butt and become a little bit more aware of things.
    Nothing is black and white, you can make impulsive choices and it doesn’t mean they’re all bad.
    I go by these words :” If there’s nobody to do the job, do it yourself.”
    Because what I’ve learned, is that you can’t really expect much from people. So might as well get it done yourself.
    Seriously I hope you do better.
    Just know that you saved a life and that you shouldn’t let people wrong you for it.

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  2. I think you did an absolutely amazing thing and gave that poor little kitten a real chance at a great life. We all make snap decisions that we regret but your decision made a huge difference for that little kitty, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so you were definitely mean to see the kitten and help him/her out! Was it fate? Was it Devine intervention? Probably not, but it’s the little things that make a big difference. It’s a shame there aren’t more kindhearted people like you in this world 🙂

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