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Adoption and KC…

Oh the heels of the kitten fiasco, yesterday Mamoru received an email from an NPO asking us if we’d take a baby which will be born next month.  There’s one big hitch that both Mamoru and I were worried about.  The mother is 41 which puts the child at a bigger risk for Down Syndrome or other birth defects.  Since it will be a challenge with the language barrier taking care of healthy children, I can’t imagine taking care of one which isn’t healthy.  We’ve opted not to adopt a child with special needs.  Please don’t judge us for this.  To each his own.  Also, if we accept a baby from this NPO we have to cancel our application with our local institution and we really want to adopt from there first.

This morning I canceled a freelance meeting to take the aforementioned kitten to the doctor.  Kitten-chan (KC for the blog for now) has fleas and a kitten cold.  The doctor gave me medicine for KC and for Small Lady so she doesn’t catch the fleas.  Meanwhile, KC appears otherwise healthy.  Turns out it’s a boy (which I didn’t know) and I didn’t catch his age.  Rei hung with me as a translator in times when the Japanese was too difficult.  I could understand a lot of what the doctor said which gave me hope for caring for our children here in the future.

Mamoru was better in the morning.  He apologized for his harsh words last night and I apologized for making a big decision without him.  Just now I ordered a litter box, carrier, and cat litter for KC.  I don’t know if we can keep him but for the time being he lives here.  Might attempt to train him a bit.

I guess that’s it.  I’m so tired today and my face is puffy as fuck.  Yumiko is on her way over to bring me food, so we’ll drink and just fucking chill (something I REALLY need).  Be well.

3 thoughts on “Adoption and KC…

  1. Not judging. I cannot handle most special needs either, and I have found that once you DO indicate that you are open to special needs, agencies and organizations assume you are open to everything.

    When we were adopting, we noted that we were open to certain needs. Lo and be hold, the agency tried to match us with a child with a condition which will require care for the rest of our life. Plus she was kindergarten age. We had to turn the match down.


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