KC update…

I’m doing too much.  I am so exhausted.  Basically sitting on my ass at the less busy branch of Company H has been my only respite.  Tomorrow we’ve got a houseguest, and she’ll be here until Sunday.  No rest for the wicked this Halloween.

This morning I caught Mamoru giving KC (explanation here and here) an extended farewell before he left for work.  Mamoru is allergic to cats but KC is so fucking cute, he’s winning over Mamoru.  This evening I came home to a huge mess KC made while I was at Company H.  His litter box comes tomorrow (aka not soon enough).  I literally have had no time to go buy one, so I ordered it from Amazon as well as some kitty litter, kitten food and shampoo.  Not that he needs it really.  He’s super clean for a stray.  Plus he can’t have a bath until next week due to the flea meds.  If you’re wondering what KC looks like, I drew him for Inktober:


I tried to introduce him to Small Lady tonight on my own.  It didn’t go over well.  Small Lady was curious and interested, but KC hissed and made low guttural noises.  I read socializing dogs and cats takes some time something I’ve not been blessed with an abundance of right now.  We’ll all get there.  I hope.  I’m also trying to to fall in love with him, but I’m failing miserably.  He lied on my lap tonight for a while.  It was the cutest fucking thing.  Sigh.  Why animals got to be so much better than people?

I guess that’s it.  I’m tired, so I’m off to bed.  Be well.

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