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All the things…

Right now KC and Small Lady are asleep.  Both of them are dead beat after playing.  Well mostly KC was the one playing and Small Lady was following him around.  This weekend while entertaining a house guest, Mamoru said we could keep KC.  On Sunday after the rescheduled Pokémon Go Community Day, we went to buy KC a house effectively relocating him from toilet room to the living room.  Too bad for Mamoru and his allergies.  This means he can’t sleep on the sofa anymore.  So sad.

Last night after we got back from KC shopping and Community Day, we were both so fucking tired, but we had to assemble the cat house (heh heh).  After that Mamoru got to sit down and relax, but I had to go get dinner, do the laundry, feed the animals, and do everything else under the goddamn sun.  Not only that but I bought these shoes for a second Halloween costume, and I had to rip this ribbon wrapped around the heels of the shoes.  While I was doing that, I sliced open my finger with the seam ripper.  I spit out a variety of curses and went to clean myself off in the bathroom.  Mamoru said nothing about this.  While cleaning up another thing, I lost it and started yelling at him that he could at least give a shit about me for five seconds.  He didn’t understand what I was on about, and I told him he didn’t even bother to say anything when I was screaming obscenities after cutting myself.  First he said he was tired, then he said he assumed I was fine since I was cussing, and finally he started washing the 4 mugs that were in the sink.  I swear to the PTB is he a robot?  He then went on to say that he can take care of himself, and I don’t need to do anything for him.  I explained that he missed the point completely.  I can do things around the house.  I want him to give a shit about me something he’s proved before that he’s oftentimes incapable of doing.  That was that, and I went to bed while he still didn’t get it.

This morning he took the trash out without being asked (usually I have to ask him).  Still nothing about my sliced up finger.  So yeah marriage is fun.

Demande went to his hometown this weekend and wasn’t coming back until tonight, so our freelance meeting was canceled.  Not only that, but all but one of my other freelance meetings this week have been canceled.  While it’s nice to have a break, that leaves me quite broke this week.  Where does all my money go always?  Sigh.  I’m not asking Mamoru for money because that never goes well.

Today has been a pretty boring day.  I made some food, sat on my ass and finished “Ozark”, and played with KC.  Yumiko was supposed to come over but she got bombarded with work and had to cancel, so it was a pretty boring day.  I guess that’s it.  I hope you’re doing better than I am.  Be well.

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