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Let’s hurry up and finish this year…

It’s November 1st.  Halloween is over.  Let’s hurry up and finish this year.  I’m supposed to be getting out of bed but I have no desire to.  It’s suddenly cold, very cold.  I thought I wouldn’t make it home on the bicycle last night.  You might recall me mentioning our house guest who visited last weekend.  Well, she came with a cold, and she left all those germy germs in our house, so needless to say both Mamoru and I got sick.  While mine is just a cold (as per usual), Mamoru caught a man cold which I’m sure you know is far more severe than a regular cold.  This means he’s coming home from work early (like he will for a cold but not for me) and also crashing early.

Last night I went to a special Halloween karaoke, but it was super lame so I fucked off and went to meet Demande.  I was wearing my Halloween costume which consisted of a super short wig, and Demande said I looked good with short hair.  That was nice though I’m growing my hair long.  He also said to me I need to lose weight.  I said where and he pointed to my stomach (the literal hardest place for me to lose weight).  Excuse me?  I’m sorry (not sorry) was 22kg not enough?  I told him that it was a pretty assholey thing to say and he apologized saying that that kind of statement is a cultural thing and Japanese people say that kind of shit to each other.  To which I replied “No wonder Japanese girls look like skeletons.”  You may recall (or not) that Demande kind of helped me to start to lose weight to begin with.  We also made a bet that if I lose 10kg that he’d do something for me like buy me a present or treat me to a meal or something.  We never officially hashed out the details.  Well I not only lost 10kg but I surpassed that with 22kg.  Now I know my weight loss wasn’t for him.  It wasn’t for anyone but me, but fuck what a way to rain on my parade.  It’s also worth noting that he never did follow through with his promised reward but that’s maybe because we stopped being friends for all that time.

I rode home in the chilling cold ill equipped for such a ride, and when I got home, Mamoru was passed out on the sofa.  He had locked Small Lady in the room with him and she had no bean bag to sleep on since KC peed on it, and I put it in the wash.  Because Small Lady didn’t have access to her preferred relief area, she peed and poo’d in the living room and also tracked it everywhere.  I came home and woke up Mamoru with my shocked yelling, and I didn’t even feel bad about it.  I told him that he shouldn’t have locked Small Lady in there with him.  I swear.  Man cold.

Anyway, despite this sickness I still have to go to work and the temperature is fucking gross and also my head is full of snot (also gross).  I canceled my Japanese lesson and no freelance for me tonight (not to mention everything else is canceled for tomorrow too), so I’m gonna lie on the sofa and watch Netflix.  A pretty good night if you ask me.  I can’t right now but maybe you can be well.

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