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Mental health: poor…

I’m currently lying in bed after a nap.  Small Lady and KC had naps too, so it wasn’t all bad I guess.  It’s my day off, and since it’s Demande’s day off too (from me) until a yet to be determined time, I get to do whatever the fuck I want again on Mondays.

Yesterday started out as a great day, but ended very very badly (my own fault, of course).  In the morning Mamoru and I went to go look at a house which was for sale just down the street.  It turns out we didn’t like the house all that much, but I asked Mamoru if they would send us some tower apartments for sale because Mamoru says they are easy to sell and much more low maintenance.

After that I got ready and left the house.  First, I forgot the present for Mimi’s baby and then I forgot the tickets.  Thankfully Mamoru brought them to me at the station and Yumiko and I still made it there in time to see Mimi’s band play.  They were fantastic as usual and Yumiko liked them a lot too.  Then we saw two of my friends bands and also a singer I know.  We were having a great time stopping at the convenience store in between to drink and snack.  I ate breakfast but no lunch or dinner.  They had curry at some of the events, but I didn’t bother to check if it was vegetarian because it’s usually not.  Because I didn’t eat hardly anything the alcohol went straight to me, and soon I’m lying on the stairs vomiting all over everything including myself.  Luckily one of Mimi’s band members happened to see all this and helped Yumiko who doesn’t speak Japanese at all.  (Luckily, it was the one who speaks English.)  Next time, I owe him a drink for sure.  With his help, she got me into a taxi and got me near my house.  I collapsed out of the taxi and Yumiko said I called my husband and she explained what was going on and the two of them walked me upstairs and Mamoru dropped me in the shower.  He thanked Yumiko over and over and sent her home since it was only like 7:30.  Mamoru washed my hair, and then I haphazardly did the rest.  After that I collapsed into bed and slept so poorly.  In the morning Mamoru bought me some Aquarius (a sports drink) and left me to sleep some more.  Fortunately, it’s been over a year since something like this happened.  Despite the fact that I swore this would never happen again.  I’ve been doing poorly mental health wise and all that alcohol made me not sad, really good at Japanese, and completely dulled my cold.

So mental health is poor and also my cycle is apparently fucked up.  I’ve been spotting for 3 days and no sign of flow yet.  I wish my period would just get here so it could fuck off already.  I’m not great.  I wish I was better, but I’m not.  Be well.

3 thoughts on “Mental health: poor…

  1. Sorry you’re feeling so bad. I wish there was something I could do.

    I spotted for days before my period the entire time we were TTC. It turned out to be at least partly due to a cervical ectropian (harmless, not painful but the spotting was so annoying!)


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