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Advice seeking once again…

I’m thisclose to having a mental breakdown.  First of all, I am hosting this party for Thanksgiving, and I can’t seem to get straight answers from people about whether they can come or not.  I’m trying to get things planned like how many people to expect and who is bringing what.  I’m also expecting people to flake out at the last minute.  I’m already getting resistance for RSVPing.  Like seriously?  You can’t fucking RSVP to a party?  It’s a couple weeks away.  You should know your schedule.  Fucking flaky ass people here all the time.

The other thing is that my new supervisor sucks ass, and I am seriously thinking about leaving Company H.  Don’t get me wrong.  Company H is an extremely low stress job (generally speaking).  It’s the easiest job I’ve ever had.  However, I am incredibly overqualified for it.  In fact, I’m the most qualified person at Company H.  Even more so than both my supervisors (previous and current).  I know this job is beneath me (professionally).  Unfortunately, this was literally the only job offered to me after suffering through 11 job interviews after we first moved to this city.  I stayed at Company H because I thought the pregnancy I had at the beginning of the year would result in a baby, and I could easily leave a job like Company H.  We all know what happened there.  I actually wouldn’t have been so unhappy had my previous supervisor stayed on.  However, my new supervisor is ill suited for the position and has really big shoes to fill.  What’s more is once she yelled at me for something that wasn’t my fault and another time she chastised me for suggesting one course of action rather than another.  She doesn’t seem to think anything I do is good enough.  In addition, the contracting company received a complaint (not about me) from our work with Company H which came from one of our clients (again not about me as I wasn’t there that week).  The contracting company sent a lengthy email about how we could improve, and it was chock full of stupid ideas.  Even more than all this is that we’ve been told they plan to close the less busy branch of Company H in the near future (the branch everyone likes better).  The future of Company H is looking bleak.  So what choices do I have?

  • I could stay on at Company H.
  • I could quit and find another job.
  • I could quit and work freelance exclusively until a baby comes along. (There’s no timeline for how long that could take.)

Any advice for me?  I need to run all this by Mamoru of course because if I quit, he’ll be my support system again (though I hope I can save up a little money in the next few months).  Now is not a good time to talk to him because he’s got a work test coming up that he’s pretty stressed about, so for now I just tell you dear readers.  Honestly, nothing about this is about money.  Is it better to work a shitty job or quit now and wait around for a baby we don’t know when will come?  I’d appreciate your thoughts.

One thought on “Advice seeking once again…

  1. It’s a late comment, but I think that freelance is the best option, though it’s something you won’t really want to leave once you do it. And in a way it’s a positive thing if you find something you like doing and is beneficial to you.
    On another hand just quitting and finding something else is a given of you do quit.
    And at the same time, in the future, if you get a baby then the freelance would be better as you can manage your time as you need.


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