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KC is sick…

Last post I told you that KC was sick. This morning he was still sick. He got excited about the prospect of food as he loves to eat but then didn’t eat anything for breakfast. I left it in this house and went off to Company H. Tomoe isn’t here as he’s off getting married, and I’m stuck here with this 100 year old guy. Meanwhile, I’m worried sick about KC. I couldn’t sleep last night, and Mamoru was on the sofa, and said he threw up twice last night just a little water. This morning he also had two small vomits which was just some foam. I have to work, and because Tomoe is already out for the week, I can’t call in sick. So I decided to take KC to the doctor tonight after I get home from Company H. They’ll be open until 8PM. I hope I’ll come home and find that KC has eaten something. Hopefully, he won’t be any worse. This is really doing a number on my anxiety right now even though there’s nothing I can do at this moment. I’m so tired and worried, and I just want to GTFO of here and go home. Mina, who is a cat expert, told me that I shouldn’t worry too much and just get him to the doctor ASAP. She said I’m doing everything I can and am taking care of him the best I can and giving him lots of love. Basically, he’s only three months old but I don’t know what happened to him in the first months of his life because he’s a stray and he could have been sick from the get go. However, this behavior is very uncharacteristic of him. Since I’ve had him, he’s been lively and energetic and crazy about food. Now he’s lethargic and doesn’t want to eat or drink. The good news is that he’s not been like this for long. He only started feeling sick yesterday which means that I’ve hopefully caught something early enough to help him recover fully. Mina says kittens often get sick but are resilient and can bounce back quickly. I hope she’s right because I can’t take much more of him being sick, and my stupid anxious brain can’t help but think the worst. What if he’s dying? Of course, that’s a leap, but that’s where I’m at right now. Also, if you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that 2018 has been a real shit year for me. I really don’t want to cap it with another loss. Please please please PTB let KC be okay.

If you’re an animal lover, hopefully you can understand my feelings. Please think good thoughts for my boy. I want him to live a long happy life with a family.

4 thoughts on “KC is sick…

  1. When my friend god her cats(one being male and he was probably like 2 months old) he got really sick as well. He had some kind of virus and he was taken to the doctor 2 times and got his shots. He really was under the weather for a week at least until he started getting better. He refused to eat and wouldnt have any energy to move around. besides sleeping all day. My friend fed him with the plastic part where you keep the needle, and fed him with that as it was the only way hed eat.
    It was really sad to watch as he lost his cute kitten chub, but after he got better he was back to being a lively little bounce-ball, loves to eat and play with his sister. So I do hope he gets better.
    He’s a kitten so KC will feel very weak and tired. But it’ll pass!


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