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Getting better…

Someone wanted to eat a big normal breakfast this morning and what a relief.  After almost three days of not eating, I was happy to hear KC’s whines for food this morning.  On Tuesday night we took him to the doctor.  The doctor gave him an IV, and I had to listen to him cry the entire time (near tears myself).  She also got him to eat a little paste.  He came home but didn’t eat any dinner.  The next morning I force fed him a little breakfast and then let him sleep all day while I was at Company H.  On Wednesday evening I got him to eat a little treat and a little paste, but he was still super sleepy.  On Thursday morning I put out some chunky wet kitten food, and he ate it little by little throughout the morning.  Thursday evening he did the same.  This morning (Friday) was the first he was excited about eating again.  I was happy to see this.  The doctor said it was likely an adverse reaction to the vaccines he had last weekend.  So he’s back to being his super annoying kitten self.

Today is a busy day, and I don’t wanna do any of it.  My Friday freelance work changed the time from 5PM to 6PM to 5PM to 7PM which makes getting to karaoke on time impossible.  I just hope my karaoke “boss” doesn’t care.  I also have a Japanese lesson today and I haven’t been in two weeks so I’m feeling super lazy about it.  I honestly don’t want to go.

What else? I have a sore throat again.  I’m hoping it’s due to the drastic temperature drop and not that I’m getting sick again.  Fuck this season.  I hate winter.  It’s cold and depressing.  It’s been cloudy all week, and WTF is this getting dark before 5PM nonsense?!?!  I cannot with this.

That’s it I guess.  Time to eat breakfast.  Be well.


One thought on “Getting better…

  1. Go KC! It warms my heart that there are still amazing people in the world who would open their hearts and homes to strays who need a little extra love and care. As for your lessons…がんばってね!


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