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House and adoption talk…

After a period of reconciliation and discussion (after the initial drama) Mamoru and I decided to go through with purchasing お父さん’s house. Our plan is to demolish it and build a brand new house on the lot. This means we can choose everything about the house including the layout, how many rooms we want, and what special features we want (I’m looking at you dishwasher). I was also thinking that’d I’d like a large shoe closest and a storage space since we have storage now, and it’s really useful. I’m also dreaming of large closets. Anyway, Mamoru didn’t know for sure, but he thinks it will take a year. Meanwhile, we’re going to remain in our current city because all of our work with our local CGC has been in this city and I’m not starting over again because the house is in a different city.

Speaking of adoption, we received our application to apply to be foster parents. After that we can apply to be adoptive parents and then once approved we can finally adopt. I am over the moon. This means we’re even closer to the end goal adopting our first child. We started the adoption process in November 2017, started our classes at the local CGC in January 2018, finished our visits with the local CGC in September 2018, and finally one year later, November 2018, we are applying to be foster parents. It’s been a long and emotional journey thus far, but I’m looking forward to the outcome because the outcome means a child finally in our arms.

I’m feeling so good and hopeful right now. I hope your are doing okay. Be well.

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