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With hope…

Yesterday Mamoru turned in our foster to adopt application paperwork.  To adopt this paperwork needs to be approved by a panel of judges and the next meeting is in January.  They told Mamoru when he turned in the paper, that my proof of income was missing, so I contacted Company H immediately and asked them to send it to me ASAP.  I’m hoping they can get our paperwork to this judge meeting.  If not, we will have to wait until March which delays us even further.  I’m hope hope hoping this works out for us.  Please keep your fingers crossed.

After the paperwork, they will do a home visit and then we have to have yet another health check.  I don’t know why.  To see if we’re not dying or whatever.  Both Mamoru and I have already had health checks this year but I suppose those won’t suffice.  It’s dumb but whatever.  しょうがない。

I did some Christmas shopping for my niece today.  I got her some clothes as per usual.  Toys are coming via Amazon.  Mamoru’s Christmas presents are either decided or ordered.  My mom sent a big wrapped box with something labeled “kitchen appliance”.  I hope it’s cool.  Something I got Mamoru was a children’s book in Japanese.  I will wrap it with a note which says: “Please read this to our future children.”  I hope that puts his mind at ease about being a father.  We need to get something for my mom and sister, and I need to buy cards for everyone.  Otherwise we’re almost ready for Christmas.  Just got to make it through these next two weeks.  I love Christmas.  It’s a magical time.

This evening has been arctic and cold so the animals and I are hiding out wrapped in blankest and sitting under the heater.  This cold really chills me to the bone, and my shoulder injury is acting up.  I’ve been in a lot of pain these past few days.  Well time to drink some tea and go back to lying in bed watching TV.  I hope you are well.

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