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More house stuff…

I’m still in bed.  I can’t be bothered to get up because well I don’t really have to.  Today is my day off.  One of two this week.  I’m so over Company H.  I’m really looking forward to the winter holiday as well as leaving that job.

Yesterday we had our Hebel Haus tour.  Hebel’s point of pride is their safety.  Hebel Haus houses are know to withstand earthquakes, fires, and floods.  Because of this and because we live in an earthquake prone country, Hebel Haus was always at the top of my list.  However, Mamoru likes the style of Misawa better than Hebel.  My argument was that Hebel has a new model that’s very similar to Misawa.  The final decision is up to Mamoru but with children I think Hebel will be better for us in the long run.  As part of the information session, we visited 3 Hebels.  The first one was under construction.  We could view the inside of a home being built.  We watched a video highlighting all their safety features.  They also did a fire demonstration for us.  We had an unspectacular (albeit free lunch) then completed the tour with a Hebel Haus that was 3 years old and one that was 35 years old.  For your information, we visited houses that were occupied, and the owners were there to talk about the house and answer questions.  The younger owners touted the quietness of the home and the older owners touted the longevity.  It felt very weird and intrusive to be in someone else’s home.  I was anxious to leave.

Next weekend we have a meeting with Misawa to sort out the financial aspects of building a house.  This is something I know Mamoru is most concerned with.  Some hiccups we’ve run into so far are the safety of the wall and deed to the land.  Misawa mentioned that they have to get documentation on not only our wall but the neighbor’s wall as well.  If our wall isn’t safe, then we can’t build until it’s fixed which will be very costly.  The second snag pointed out by Hebel is…who owns the deed to the land?  Mamoru needs to find out if the deed to the land is own by お父さん or the bank.  These things look to delay when we can build but since we don’t have an official timeline, time isn’t really a problem.  I’m more concerned with setbacks involving money because I know that will stress Mamoru out.

In other news mental health isn’t in great shape.  This time of year brings lights and trees and presents.  All of these things we should be sharing with our children.  However, we still don’t have any children.  That is still a hard pill to swallow.  I only hope that changes soon in 2019.  Anyway, I’ve got to start my day.  Be well.

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