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Year in review 2018…

Last year I started the Year in Review series.  Though how much of a series can you call something you do once a year?  My blog is littered with shit happenings so I like to make the Year in Review a positive one.  You can see 2017 here.

I imagine the 2018 year in review may focus on adoption because the most postitve things that have happened this year revolve around that.  Let’s see shall we.

January: I celebrated January with a very unexpected and surprising positive pregnancy test.  While we all know how that turned out, it made for a few very happy weeks.  We also started our classes with our local CGC this month.

February: Honestly, I really tried.  However, February was the worst month of this year and so far one of the worst months of my life.

March: We had our first home visit and it went well!  Eiru and I rekindled our friendship which had been on a hiatus for some 10 years.

April: My cousin visited Japan for the first time, and we did all the usual touristy stuff.  Mamoru and I got to visit a temple that’s generally closed to the public, and it was amazing.  I got a really great new Japanese teacher, and we had another successful home visit.

May: We finished our final class to get certified as an adoptive family with our local CGC.

June: Shingo came to visit again.

July: We had our first visit with our local children’s home which was both wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.

August: I visited my home state which included spending tons of time with my awesome niece.  Shingo and Naru came for a visit.  Naru and I got matching BFF tattoos.  Mamoru came for a week.  I got two more tattoos and bought the hell out of Victoria’s Secret.

September:  We finished our last visit at our local children’s home which meant holding a lot of babies.  Motoki and I talked on the phone for the first time in about a year.  Demande and I rekindled our friendship that would soon die yet again but it made for some happy memories.  I got to visit Artemis and Motoki for the first time in a long time in my old city.

October: Actually had a decent birthday mostly thanks to Rei.  Picked up a stray kitten who would soon become the 4th member of our little family.

November: After a few short weeks Small Lady and KC became the best of friends and are now champions of taking naps together.  Mamoru and I decide to buy お父さん’s house (basically just the land as we’re demolishing his childhood home and building our dream home on the land).  We finally got our application to be foster parents.

December: Visited our first home staging area and started thinking about our dream house.  We turned in our foster to adopt application and they said they’d try to get it to the January judge meeting.  We took tours with two major housing companies and one small housing company, and started to plan out our dream house.  We also traveled to Cambodia (a first for both of us) and South Korea (a first for me).

While this year did have some happy times, I’m happy that 2018 is over.  I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year’s Eve.  We celebrated in Phnom Penh and watched the fireworks from the top floor of our hotel.  I also hope 2019 is starting out for you in a good way.  Be well.

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