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The catch up…

Wow, hey, it’s been a while.  I’m sorry about that. Life has been (for lack of a better word) a fucking rollercoaster.  I’m going to try to catch you up on everything that’s happened as succinctly as possible.

Cambodia: Cambodia was amazing and beautiful and the food was so delicious. Unfortunately, Mamoru and I fought a lot due to him being sick which meant his mood was worse than usual due to illness.


Ta Prohm
Bayon Temple

The House: Misawa planned out our dream house.  However, it’s a bit expensive, so we sent the plans to another housing company who might be able to build it for cheaper.  Unfortunately, we’ve run into a little snag with お父さん who has decided he wants the money for the land all at once and therefore us paying him in increments wouldn’t work.  Personally, I think this is incredibly unrealistic and fucking selfish as hell.  Plus, he said he’d sell us the land.  Now we don’t know what will happen, but I’m hoping he’ll honor his original promise.  Nonetheless, here’s what our dream house looks like:

I so love that this has a 2.5 floor because it was something I really wanted.

Friends: My friends are still awesome.  No complaints here.  Yumiko quit her job which means she’ll go back to Puerto Rico before summer.  I know that’ll be here before we know it, but I don’t even want to think about it.

Adoption: While our local institution told us they would try to get our application into the January meeting, they in fact failed in that endeavor (no fucking surprise there) and our paperwork might make it to the March meeting instead.  They are coming to interview us in February, so we wait some more.

Mental Health: It’s touch and go.  Some days it’s really bad, and I just feel so sad but can’t explain why.  Or I other times don’t want to get out of bed.  Then some days I feel fine or happy.  It’s up and down.

Weight Loss: I lost all my weight from summer but gained it back pigging out in Cambodia, so now I’m back to being strict again…most times.  I still have my cheat days.

Animals: KC has gotten so big.  I can’t believe he was ever tiny enough to fit in my hand.  He’s such an asshole though.  True cat style.  Meanwhile, Small Lady is still my precious princess.

Company H: I have officially quit and my last day is Monday.  I can’t fucking wait for it to be over.  There was a farewell party for me in which my supervisor came for five minutes, was a total bitch the whole time, and then fucked off.  What’s more, Tomoe’s wife is pregnant which he announced there, and I gave my best shout of fake joy as someone with infertility could muster.

Overall, things have been a (like I said before) a roller coaster.  However, today I’m getting my hair done so I hope it’ll be uplifting and I’ll feel fucking beautiful (especially because my guy is a hair wizard).  Sorry to be such a stranger.  I hope it won’t happen again.  Be well.

2 thoughts on “The catch up…

  1. I’m glad Cambodia was lovely. Sucks your husband was sick.

    Why is the father making such an unreasonable demand? It’s his son. I’m sure his son isn’t going to stiff him. Also isn’t better tax wise not to get it all at once. I hope he’ll see reason on this.


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