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Pouring rain…

Not a reference to the weather but more a reference to “when it rains it pours.”  Fresh off the heels of an ugly fight with Mamoru which I’d rather not rehash here since we’re okay, and he apologized for the nasty things he said (not to mention fresh off the heels of Friday’s tire fire), I woke up at 3AM in blinding pain that doubled me over.  After lying on the floor crying and attempting to go to the bathroom, Mamoru called an ambulance (which is okay because we live in a country with national health care).  Because the EMTs thought this might be a woman’s health issue due to where the pain was located (around my uterus), they had to call around to find a hospital with a woman’s doctor and a regular doctor on staff.  When they finally found one, it was far away.  She did an ultrasound and found nothing.  She did a blood test and found nothing.  Finally a CT scan revealed that I have a rather large gallstone (FML) and some uterine inflammation.  She said the pain was not caused by the gallstone but something else.

This was especially bad because today we had an interview scheduled with our local institution.  We’re in the homestretch here.  Mamoru had his interview last week.  Mine today and our home visit is scheduled for next week.  The woman at the center is eager to submit our application to the March panel of judges for approval because she thinks our circumstances are favorable, and it will be “easy” for us to adopt.  Easy is in quotes because this process has been anything but.  So all this morning while lying on the floor crying, while lying in the ambulance, while lying in the hospital, I kept saying to Mamoru “What about my interview today?”  I was determined to go even if it killed me.  We got home around 7AM, and I made some breakfast quinoa because fats are not good for gallstones, and my diet is mostly fats.  So I guess here’s to gaining weight for the next two weeks until I can get this fucker out.  I lied in bed for an hour then showered, put on make up, did my hair, and then Mamoru and I went to this interview.  I put on the best smile I could and made no indication of the pain I was in (also thanks to painkillers).  Two hours and thirty minutes later we were finished.  Mamoru then took me to the doctor so I could get the required health check to adopt, but they couldn’t do it because I had eaten breakfast.  So tomorrow I have to go back there sans breakfast.

Meanwhile, I’ve been lying in bed all day.  I had a long nap because I only had two hours of sleep last night.  I ate some hopefully low fat foods (zucchini “pasta” and a baked potato).  I’m gonna heat up some tomato soup for dinner when I finish this.  All in all it’s been a fucking rollercoaster of a day.  I canceled all my freelance work for the rest of the week.  I told my karaoke boss I wouldn’t be there on Friday, so I’m house living for a while (thank the PTB for Netflix).  Mamoru called the ER for a referral for surgery that I can take to my nearest hospital.  I also have to follow up with the uterine inflammation at my ladies’ clinic.  It’s only February, and I’m already 250% done with 2019.  I had really hoped that 2019 would be so much better, but so far with the depression and the adoption hurdles and now the medical issues, it’s not looking so great thus far.  I’ll take good vibes if you got ’em.  Be well.


4 thoughts on “Pouring rain…

  1. Sorry things haven’t been good for you. I hope you can get the gallstone removed soon and the uterine inflammation is easily resolvable.

    It has literally been pouring with rain here. Not today though – today is nice and sunny (and I have to work, of course).


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