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The last…

Yesterday was the last step.  Our home visit with our local institution.  She spent about an hour and a half talking to us and my mother as well as Mimi who I offered as a person of support.  As per usual Mimi was awesome and even though she expressed concern about the language barrier, she offered her unwavering support.  This made me tear up.  She is literally the nicest Japanese person I’ve ever met in this country.  Without a doubt.  The institution representative also spoke to my mother briefly with the help of Mamoru and me translating.  She asked if we had been checking the newspapers for the babies who are featured for adoption.  Of course we have been.  She then toured our house.  She is waiting for our health checks (due next week), and she scheduled a time to speak to Mamoru’s dad and brother.  Once all that is completed and acquired, our application will go to the March meeting for review from a panel of experts.  She is very hopeful for us because we have favorable circumstances.  Mamoru said only 5 applications make it into the meetings held only 6 times a year.  When she left our house, I cried.  It seems for so long I had lost hope, but now hope has finally returned.

In other news this gallstone is being a real bitch.  I’ve had pain almost every day.  Not the crippling pain like the one that sent me to the ER.  On Monday, I went to the lady doctor because the ER doctor said she noticed some uterine inflammation.  She checked out my lady bits, did a scrape, and a blood test.  She said everything looked fine and the blood test was also fine, but I have to go back for the scrape results in a week.  My appointment with the doctor regarding my surgery is the 28th.  I feel like that’s a million years away.  So I’m at home, bored off my gourd, and watching a lot (A LOT) of Netflix.  I hope you’re doing better than I am.  Be well.

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