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Trying to get caught up part 1…

Hello dear readers,

I’m not neglecting you I swear.  This last month at my new job at Company K has been insane and a lot of shit has happened.  I’ve been so busy.  I haven’t had time to rest much less blog.  I’ve been fighting with this commute which is 1 hour and 30 minutes one way.  I’ve managed to bike it two days a week which helps with the stress.

I think I’ll start with today and backtrack from there to get you all caught up from there.  I apologize in advance if this is long.

Today was the worst day of 2019.  I doubt whatever else happens this year could top it.  After my Japanese lesson today (which I hadn’t been to for about a month due to lots of shit) I stopped at a local supermarket to recycle some printer ink, and I was biking to the post office ATM to get some money when a man on a motorbike rode up right next to me and lifted my bag out of my bicycle basket and sped off.  I screamed “NO” about a million times and rode after him but of course I was on my bike and there was no way I could catch him.  That was silly on my part.  Some (foreign) construction workers heard me screaming and unlike the Japanese people who heard me came out of the house they were building to help me call the police since I was frantically crying and shaking.  About 6 police offers came, a couple of community volunteers and a couple detectives came (probably the most excitement for them in relatively safe Japan all day).  When I could finally get my husband on the phone and after reviewing the crime scene and taking information from me, the lead detective on my case drove me in his car to the police station.  I had to give a statement but since my Japanese is average on a day when I’m not robbed (extremely poor on a day when I am robbed), the police officers helped me do it with the help of an officer who spoke OK English.  I had to describe the suspect and itemize the contents in my bag including but not limited to my house key, 4 credit cards, my bank card, my residence card, my home state driver’s license, my insurance card, MY NUMBER card, and literally every single point card for literally every place that takes a point card (and if you know Japan you know that’s a lot) as well as doctor cards, H&M coupons, and about (100¥ or $1 because luckily I had just given the last of my cash to my Japanese teacher).  Fortunately, I was holding my phone and thank the PTB for that because it could have been in my bag.  The time at the police station seemed endless.  In addition to giving my statement, I had to map my entire route on a paper map including where I started and my intended end point as well as any stops I made along the way and for what purpose.  Also, at the police station I canceled my debit card, (my American bank card my mom was able to cancel Stateside), the Amex is a joint card my husband was able to take care of and the final card I couldn’t do anything about until I got home.  My husband showed up at the police station, they recounted my statement, and I was finally able to go home.  Once home my husband called the apartment company and they sent someone to change our lock, but she said the lock was too difficult to change and would have to come back tomorrow.  The detective came back again but before that I called my final credit card company, and they told me that someone tried to use my card but it was declined.  This is a card my mom got me to try to help build my credit after I had paid off all my credit cards before leaving America.  It’s meant for emergencies only and has a credit limit of only $500.  Turns out this garbage poor excuse for a human tried to use this card to eat 串カツ for a grand total of $715 and so it was, of course, declined.  While that made me laugh for a bit, I quickly went back to feeling bad.  Honestly, this whole experience has left me feeling so violated, so dirty, so gross.  I’m about to celebrate my 7th year in Japan, and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me.  I’m beyond shocked and shaken.  I even ride my bicycle late at night and no one has ever taken anything from my basket like this.  This has been such a huge blow to my mental health which has been shaky due to the huge amount of stress I’ve been experiencing in life.  It’s got me wondering how I can recover from this.

I have to end this here because I can’t relive this experience any more.  I’ll try to get more caught up tomorrow.  Be well (and be extra well for me because I’m not right now).

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