Cycle #21


Cycle #20


Cycle #19


Cycle #18


Cycle #17


Cycle #16


Cycle #15


Cycle #14

We’re sill not trying.  This cycle was shorter than my last two.  But the temps I did take seem to line up.  In addition, CM looks good.  I didn’t have spotting before my period which is a good sign, but I did have it after.  I have a feeling I still have low progesterone.  Cover line may be in the wrong place but I don’t really care that much.


Cycle #13

Ah yes lucky number 13.  The cycle in which we have no sex at all.  Fantastic.  Progesterone still looks stupid low but my LP is fine.  I didn’t have any spotting before AF which is great.  I wonder if losing weight has played a part in that.  Unfortunately, I don’t think weight loss will ever increase my progesterone.  Apparently, it’s just something my body doesn’t want to do properly.


Cycle #12

This cycle was pretty normal for all intents and purposes.  It was 29 days which is better than 26, I suppose.  (It was worlds better than 132 days).  LP temps are cripplingly low (due to my low progesterone no doubt) and CD 16 is my best guess at when Ov occurred.  This cycle we still weren’t actively trying though I think life is beginning to settle a bit which is good news.


Cycle #11

Here’s one for the WTF files.  This cycle was 26 days.  I don’t know if I ovulated during this cycle but I assume I did around CD 13 (even though the CM doesn’t match with that).  Either way I didn’t mark it.  I’m not sure what happened.  Maybe a little extra stress?  It doesn’t matter because we aren’t actively TTC right now.  I guess we’ll see what the next cycle brings.


Cycle #10

Hey look at this normal cycle!  Ovulated at the regular time, had a nice long LP.  Temps were not spectacularly high, but that’s per usual.  We didn’t collect any ❤️s though in the fertile window which was actually good because our lives were in a bit of turmoil during this cycle and my mental health was in a bad place.  Onward and upward!


Cycle #9

Back on track!  (I hope.)  At 36 days this cycle mirrors the last normal cycle I had.  Unfortunately, I was being awful about temping, so I don’t know if I ovulated or not (not like it mattered since I was away from my prince).  I did have a lot of fertile CM though, so that makes me hopeful.  Also, my FP temps were nice and low.  If only I had temped during the LP!  Fingers crossed all goes back to normal!



Cycle #8

AKA “The Cycle from Hell”.  132 days.  This cycle I took doctor prescribed progesterone to help kick start a period.  It didn’t work.  I stopped taking all my supplements (even prenatals) because they were making me sick.  I got a PCOS diagnosis.  As far as I know, I never ovulated.  There’s nothing positive I can take away from this cycle.  I can only hope things go back to normal.



Cycle #7

I am probably the only person in the history of chemical pregnancies to NOT get PG following a chemical.  This cycle seems to show an increased cycle length compared to when I first started charting.  I’ve also been experiencing later Ov.  Perhaps my cycle has regulated?  My temperatures seem to have steadied and there aren’t as many ups and downs in the LP.  That’s a positive.  Also, my LP has lengthened to 13 days!  That’s awesome!



Cycle #6

This is the chemical pregnancy cycle.  Surprised I actually got PG this cycle since there were a lot of negatives.  First of all 3 days of spotting (ugh!) and then an immediate jump to fertile CM left no time for relaxing.  I went straight to OPK but since I was so stressed out this cycle, I ended up Ov late on CD19.  LP temps were not as high as I’d like and there were a lot of ups and downs later in the cycle.  If I had to guess, I’d say implantation happened around 11 or 12DPO.  Even though the baby was not quite a week old, it was still a loss nonetheless.  Because I got PG this cycle I can’t say if my LP lengthened at all.  It looks like progesterone cream helped my temps a little but not there were still ups and downs.

_var_mobile_Containers_Data_Application_379F3434-0D91-4B58-9FAC-E7C327B9C5B8_Documents_Kindara Fertility Chart - 2016-05-11 - 2016-06-15.jpg


Cycle #5

The obvious negative is that I didn’t get PG this cycle.  Another negative is that my post-ovulation temps were low and/or erratic (probably due to travel).  I’m wondering if I have a problem with progesterone.  I’m going to add some foods to my diet to help with that.  Something which is a huge positive is a notable increase in CM (thanks to every day before Ov grapefruit juice).  My pre-Ov temps have stablilized which means my estrogen levels are good.  Now let’s go progesterone!  Also, I marked CD 27 as period when instead it was just spotting (too difficult to fix on Kindara) so it looks like I have a 12 day LP albeit with spotting.



Cycle #4

What can I say about this chart?  I’m calling this one my big disappointment.  Basically this is the prettiest chart I’ve had since coming off BCP.  My EWCM increased yet again (let’s go for 6 days of EWCM!).  The temps in the beginning of my cycle were when I was in the US and couldn’t sleep at all so I just stopped taking them.  You’ll notice on LP day 9 I had a huge temp spike (the highest temp I’ve ever had) for no reason whatsoever as I obviously was not pregnant.  It got my hopes up only to dash them later.  I’m happy with my 12 day LP, but I am not happy I had spotting on day 12 of the LP as that can be a sign of low progesterone.  I’m noticing the Kindara update now comes with brighter colors.  How lovely!  This cycle has led me to believe that last month’s 14 day LP was a fluke and I marked something wrong.  Oh well, on to the next cycle.



Cycle #3

A noticeable positive this cycle was a definite increase in EWCM.  I completely attribute this to taking Evening Primrose Oil the first half of my cycle.  You’ll notice in this cycle my LP is 14 days.  I don’t think this is accurate.  Why?  On CD 18 & 19 I had not one but two nights of bad sleep that resulted in questionable temperatures.  While I think I ovulated on CD day 15, I might have actually ovulated later than that.  Unfortunately, there is no way to be sure.  I am taking B6 to lengthen my LP but most women who take it notice a 1 or 2 day increase not four days.  The only thing I can do is wait until cycle 4 wraps up and see what happens.



Cycle #2

This is my first real cycle.  My hormones have begun to regulate nicely though I do suspect a low progesterone level as evidenced by a lack of EWCM and a short luteal phase.  Ovulation occured which is evidenced by the temperature increase from CD 13 to CD 14.  On CD 23 there is a dramatic drop in my temperature which indicates my period will start (which it did the next day thus ending this cycle).


As you can see I have two questionable temps which are almost exactly the same.  One was due to alcohol consumption the night before and the other was due to less than three hours sleep.  Both of these things can mess with temps and were noted on the chart.

This chart has been a tremendously eyeopening experience and has provided me with invaluable information which I could not have gotten anywhere else.


Cycle #1

This is my first cycle off birth control.  I took continuous birth control so I never had my periods.  Thus, this chart begins with no period.  It was also quite long (37 days).  I got my basal body thermometer on January 17th but the temperature was questionable, so I just left it off.  I assume at the time I took my temps I was in my luteal phase because they are quite high and then (as is the way) they start to drop before the period starts.

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I’m not so sure if the CM was charted correctly because I had just started at that point.  This was incredibly helpful, educational and good practice for me.  Even if it wasn’t a perfect chart, I learned so much doing this.