All the people who appear in my blog have pseudonyms taken from the world of Sailor Moon.

Princess Serenity/Usagi: That’s me!  I’m American.

Prince Endymion/Mamoru: That’s the oft like Mamo-chan husband of mine.  He’s Japanese.

Small Lady: My dog.  She’s stubborn and feisty and I love her to pieces.

Naru: That’s my wonderful and most trusted bestest friend.  She’s Canadian.

Motoki: My super awesome former colleague and cosmic twin who like me, struggles with issues of mental health.  He’s Japanese.

Nemesis: Former co-worker and AC hating bitch, though I’m afraid I’ll have no more new stories of her from this point forward, but she’s on this list as a point of reference.  She’s Japanese.

Artemis: My TV watching buddy.  He’s American.

Eiru: A really old friend of mine who reconnected with due to the beauty of Facebook.  He’s responsible for much of the person I am today and he’s one of my favorite people on the planet.  He’s American.

Luna: My doula.  She’s American.

Minako: My long time friend, happy and cheerful and married to a Japanese man.  She’s American.

Makoto: Really awesome former co-worker, loves AC.  She’s Japanese.

Ami: Sweet and smart like her namesake (Ami Mizuno), Ami is my former coworker who would have been an incredibly close friend if we had had more time together. She’s Japanese.

Setsuna: Sufferer of a tremendous amount of pain in her life, my dear friend Setsuna stays strong despite it and I really admire her for that.  She’s American.

Haruka: My oldest friend in Japan (as in I’ve known her the longest).  Like her namesake she’s a lesbian, and I think she has a lot of the same characteristics.  She’s Canadian.

Diana: Sweet, innocent, and adorable like her namesake, Diana is someone I met not too long ago but we have many things in common and instantly hit it off.  She’s American.

お父さん – Mamouru’s dad, my father-in-law, obviously Japanese.  お父さん means “father” in Japanese, and it’s actually what I call him.

Demande: I used to do freelance work for this guy two to three times week.  He’s Japanese, has a childlike optimism, and a hopeless romantic.

Fish Eye: My friend from grad school.  The only thing he has in common with his pseudonym is that he’s gay.  He lived in Korea for a while but is now back in the US.

Kunzite: My gay friend from yoga.  He’s bright and funny and so full of life.  He’s Indonesian.

Kotono: My other friend from yoga.  She’s quiet, Japanese, and loves hugs.

Michiru: Another friend from yoga (surprising right).  Michiru is bisexual and kind of looks like her namesake (minus the green hair).

Rei: Fiery like her namesake with similar looking hair and super badass attitude.  She’s my newest and most awesome friend in this place.  I’d spend every waking minute with her if I could.  She’s Japanese.

Gurio: Super nerdy but fun freelance client of mine.  Sometimes we hang out.  He’s married and has a baby.  He’s Japanese.

Yuichiro: A guy from Company H who is a musician.  He is funny and a really good singer.  He’s Japanese.

Shingo: A tourist that Mamoru and I sort of adopted.  He lived in our house for a while (two times), and we grew very fond of him.  He’s Canadian.

Mimi aka Mimete: Really super awesome singer and one of the kindest most down to earth people I’ve met here.  I love her to pieces.  She’s Japanese.

Tomoe: My new coworker who’s super nerdy, likes obscure hip hop, is a mega goofball, and loves to read.  We get along famously.  He’s American.

Rubeus: A guy from Company H who has a cool tattoo and is ridiculously sweet.  He always has a giant smile for me.  He’s Japanese.

Haruna: Cute freckled girl I met at yoga.  She’s now a certified yoga teacher.  She’s Japanese.

Ryo: My super awesome singing, cooking, teaching, Mr. Do Everything Fantastically friend I met at karaoke.  He’s Filipino.

Yumiko: Super cool girl I met at karaoke I’m trying to make my new best friend.  She’s got tattoos and is super smiley and just an all around awesome person.  She’s Puerto Rican.

KC: Short for Kitten-chan.  KC is the kitten I found and Mamoru let me keep.  He’s a tiny kitten terror but I love him.