Please consult your OBGYN or other health care practitioner before adding supplements to your diet.

Helpful supplements for those TTC (or pregnant):

Rainbow Light 35+ Prenatals: This is your catch all prenatal vitamin.  It has loads of folic acid and over 100% of everything except vitamin A, calcium & magnesium.  Folic acid decreases the chances of spina bifida in developing fetuses.  In addition, this prenatal is specially formulated for women over 35, and it’s a food based vitamin.

Ubiquinol: This has been shown to improve egg quality and is a more potent more absorbable form of CoQ10.  It can also prevent damage from free radicals.

Calcium/Magnesium: Magnesium is considered the period wonder drug.  See Period Repair Manual for that.  About 4 days after I started magnesium, I got my period which had not shown its face for over a month after coming off birth control.  Calcium is important because a developing baby needs calcium.  Fun fact: Magnesium also helps prevent swollen feet and ankles due to flying.

Fish Oil: I use this fish oil because there’s no fishy taste. Fish oil can help decrease premature births and supports fetal brain development.  During pregnancy fish oil can help prevent pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes in mothers.  After pregnancy fish oil can help prevent post-partum depression.  Basically, fish oil is a miracle.

Maca: Maca helps support easier ovulation and helps get cycles regular.  Also, Maca helps increase energy.

Evening Primrose Oil: You’re only supposed to take EPO from days 1-14 of your cycle (numbers based on a typical 28 day cycle).  EPO has shown to increase fertile cervical mucus.  It can also help balance hormones and ease PMS symptoms.

D3: D3 is the sunshine vitamin.  If you live in a sunny climate and get enough sunshine, then you don’t need supplements.  Vitamin D deficiency can be linked to infertility and clinical studies showed that women were more likely to get pregnant with healthy levels of D3.

L-arginine: L-arginine helps increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries which helps create a better environment for a fertilized egg and can help increase cervical mucus.

Bromelain: Bromelain is the nutrient found in pineapple core.  It can aid in implantation as well as has been known to help couples conceive twins!

Myo-Inositol: Myo-Inositol has been shown to improve egg quality.

B Complex 100: B vitamins taken together are better absorbed by the body.

Progesterone Cream: Progesterone cream used in the LP can help temps stay up as well as boost low progesterone.  Make sure you get a bioidentical progesterone cream (this means it’s the same hormones as your body produces naturally) like the one I’ve linked.

Rhodiola: Arctic root can help to combat stress.

Raspberry Leaf Tea: Tones uterine muscles, can potentially prevent miscarriages, and decrease heavy bleeding during periods.

DHEA: Improves ovarian reserve and decreases the potential for miscarriage as well as abnormal embryos.

Royal Jelly: Basically Royal Jelly is queen bee food.  It’s the only thing that bomb ass queen bee eats.  Royal Jelly has been shown to improve egg health and help balance hormones.

B6: B6 has been proven by clinicians to treat LP defect.

B12: B12 can help balance hormones.  It can also prevent miscarriage.  When pregnant, B12 helps babies develop normally.

Supplements for the Husband

Zinc: Has been shown to increase sperm count and motility.

Vitamin C: Helps prevent sperm from sticking together.  (Sounds made up doesn’t it?)

Selenium: Has been shown to improve sperm motility and morphology (normal looking sperm).

Fish Oil: Improves sperm quality.

Lycopene: Helps increase sperm mobility and activity, can improve sperm structure.